Some catching up to do...

I have not been very good at updating my little blog recently.....I really should try to do better, but life has been busy. Since my job transfer back in November i have really been enjoying my extra hours in the day. I have been able to sleep in a bit extra in the mornings, eat my lunch in the park, and have extra time to take long walks in the evenings. Sometimes i have a friend that joins me for lunch in the park and she commented that i seem happier and less stressed out. I am happier....but I still have the fear of turning into a lonely old spinster with my cats ;) me and a little thing called patience really need to learn to get along!

Last year i took a whole week off to just stay at home, it was wonderful! I decided to do that again this year. I have been sleeping in, cleaning, organizing, getting rid of junk, planting flowers, and spending time with Granny and special friends. It's so great to have no obligations for a whole week!

For years i have said i was going to buy a hammock for the front yard and I finally was able to buy one this year!! Unfortunately i have not been able to spend as much time in it as i had planned to during my week off, but the summer is young yet!

I could spend hours picking out flowers for the front yard. It's so hard to just pick a few!
On Sunday I  rented one of those Rugdoctor things to shampoo the carpet. Carpet has to the nastiest invention EVER (especially if you have pets) if it were up to me the carpet would be ripped out and gone. Alas, Granny says it feels good on her old feet, so it stays....for now.
My friend Cindy is moving from Boone back to Seattle, Washington, next month :( Happy for her, sad for me, boo. But i know she will now be closer to her family and where she grew up. I am planning my trip next year to visit her :) Monday we were able to have one last lunch before her departure :( Cindy is selling allot of her household stuff and furniture. I shopped her basement and she gave me a gorgeous old chair that she had reupholstered and a beautiful lamp i have always admired from her living room.
I slept in until 11:00 two days in a row. It was AWESOME!!
Now I have just about all of my flowers planted, most of the spring cleaning done, and i had a wonderful Mexican feast tonight with Bishop Spaulding and the Missionaries from church.
I still have 3 days left. Maybe i will get some time in the hammock after all!
A hammock selfie in the sunshine.


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