Great Aunt Mary's Treasures......

My Grandpa Hartsog's last living Sister, My Great Aunt Mary, recently had to move to an assisted living facility, she is 98 years old! Her Son called my Aunt Edie to say Aunt Mary had wished for her to have a piece of furniture that my Grandpa's Father had made. On Saturday she drove down to Elkin to Aunt Mary's home. Aunt Edie found several beautiful handmade items from Aunt Mary that her Son had put out in a trash pile :( Aunt Edie rescued them and dispersed them between relatives. I was gifted this little sewing kit she had made out of an old metal lunch box and and a little home sweet home embroidery she had stitched.

 I just love it! Great Aunt Mary hand painted the little metal lunch box with the sweetest flowers and her last name. I have always loved how resourceful there generation was. This reminds me so much of my Granny too.

Aunt Edie also brought me this little home sweet home needlepoint that matches several others that i have collected with similar colors.
I will always have these sweet little things to remember her by.
 Have i ever mentioned My Grandpa had a Sister named Birdie Belle? The greatest southern name, ever!


  1. What an heirloom! How nice that the items were rescued from being discarded and now they can be treasured.


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