My dear sweet Granny......

 Oh how much i love you!
My favorite person :)
Granny's Brother is here to stay with us a few days (more on that tomorrow). Granny is so feisty, funny and witty, and has the greatest expressions. I love watching her and her Brother talking with each other and noticing they have very similar personalities, that same wit, comical personalities, and expressions. I have spent all day listening to stories about their home town, old friends, war stories, their parents, the house they grew up in, and reminiscing through old photo albums. Today has been such a special blessing that i will never forget.
I am so very blessed to be able to live in the little house with her. Sometimes I get a bit depressed  because i feel like my life has not really moved forward much the past couple of years. My friend told me i think you are meant to be there with her now and i really do think that is true. I have discovered what a true blessing it really is and not to take one moment for granted. I think i need her and she needs me. As Granny always says "you are my buddy and we help each other out!"
Granny is 92 and Uncle Jim is 90 years old


  1. That was really sweet! The perks of being able to live with your granny is that you will never run out of lessons to learn. Their wit and insight can give you a fair perception of the world. Not to mention they are also the ones you can rely on in your darkest hours.

    Marcia Sherman @ Comfort Keepers


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