Vintage Pink Happiness

At work every year we get a day off  in the summer for an Employee Appreciation Day Picnic and a day off near Christmas time to have a Christmas Lunch with our "health department family". Usually we have a meal, games, service awards, and door prizes in the morning and then everybody gets the rest of the day off.  I usually always spend my afternoon off browsing my favorite thrift stores or antique shops. I found this gorgeous vintage pink cake keeper (not sure if that is their proper name, but that is what I call  them) but it was out of my budget (it's the week before pay day) so I kept looking at it and finally decided I would come back next week and see if it was still there. As I started to leave the proprietor lady said you like that pink cake keeper don't you? and of course I said "yes!  but I can't afford it right now" and she said "I will take half off the asking price!" The pink beauty got to come home to my collection after all :) I think it was meant to be.
It's the little things in life. She just makes me smile :)  I plan on making a cake tomorrow to have an excuse to use her.



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