10 Years.....

My Mom passed away 10 years ago tomorrow.  It hardly seems like 10 years have passed by. Occasionally if something wonderful happens or if i have had a terrible day my first thought is to call my Mom and tell her about it. I do not care how old you are you need your Mother! A part of me will always be missing her, and i don't think i will every really stop grieving for her.
A little excerpt from her obituary: She loved her family and friends, family gatherings, and holidays shared with loved ones. Was an avid reader, and enjoyed decorating.
When my Mom was pregnant with me, at age 29, she suffered a massive heart attack and almost died. She had one of those heaven is for real experiences where she saw a bright light and felt it's warmth, she said it was the most wonderful feeling and the light was the brightest light she had ever seen but it did not hurt her eyes and she said she saw Jesus and he told her that she needed to live until me and my Sister were grown . She passed away two months after i graduated from high school. Right before she died she looked at my Aunt and told her "bye" and my Aunt asked her why she was saying bye and my Mom replied "the angels have come to get me!" It gives me great comfort to know without a doubt that she is in heaven! that heaven is for real! and that i will be re-united with her again!
Mom in the 1st Grade. My Granny Johnson handmade that dress for her.

Mom's senior portrait

My Mom and Dad at the prom

My first Christmas 1986

This photo was taken not long before she died.

Mom throwing a birthday party for either my Cousin Jamie (center) in the 1980's. Jamie lived with my parents for awhile.


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