My buddy today....

The best Granny a girl could ever have! I am one lucky girl.

I really do have the most amazing Granny. She was kind enough to come with me to Boone today to take our cat back to the vet and watch him in the car while i went to the dermatologist and ran a few errands. She brought a book and read the whole time I was at the Dr. and ran my errands. We get home and i am exhausted and what does she do? she starts washing dishes and doing laundry the minute we get home! Granny is 92 and 1/2!!

We went to Applebees for lunch. She does not get out very much it's just not her thing. She ordered her "usual" chicken tenders and fries. I ordered us a blondie brownie with ice cream for dessert and she said "I have not had anything like that before!"


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