Yet another Fall post :)

Oh fall how I love thee. OK. I know it's not quite fall yet......but it's getting there.
I have noticed most of my posts range between Halloween through February. Can you tell i like holidays?
All Summer we have had allot of rain and cooler weather. A few leaves are even starting to change into those beautiful shades of autumn.
Today I put in my vacation notice for the first few days in October so i can celebrate my Birthday and decorate for Halloween.
I borrowed these photos from my Instagram so if you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seem them. Sorry!
Watching it rain from my desk at work.

Peppermint Lattes and Agatha Christie Novels (A Halloween themed book no less)

Walks in the park enjoying the cooler weather and newly fallen leaves.

I bought a new pair of glasses! I could not decide which pair i wanted these (pink and white frames) or a more traditional pair. You only live once so i went with these! My Insurance will reimburse you $150.00 towards a pair of glasses so i am still deciding if i want to use that to put new lenses in my old pair or pick out a new "classic" pair to alternate. I am a bit OCD about things matching so i need options. My wrapping paper at Christmas has to match my Christmas Cards or it drives me nuts!
I really want to go shopping for new boots, sweaters, and tights :)


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