Treat Bags, Lollipop Ghots, and Prayers...

My sweet Mr. Jack.

Lollipop ghosts.


Hocus Pocus!

My Mr. Jack the Cat sat and watched me with his curious eyes as I filled treat bags and made lollipop ghosts for trick or treaters yesterday. Oh how I love that cat. Then he came and cuddled in my lap as I watched Hocus Pocus, which brings back memories of the early 90's. My favorite part is when Mary Sanderson uses a vacuum cleaner as a broom :)

I am requesting prayers for job issues and health issues of late for both me and my sweet Granny. If you also have any prayer needs please send me an email or leave me a comment and I will be happy to pray for you as well. 

Thank you!

Tonya and Granny


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