Halloween 2014

All of my co-workers left work early to get home and take their children trick-or-treating. It ended up being a very long afternoon. At first i had not planned on dressing up and the forecast was calling for late evening snow. Since I am not working in Boone anymore I never seem to get to see my sweet friend Laurie. Laurie called and invited me to a Monster Concert on the Appalachian State University Campus. I remembered that  I had bought dios de los muertos face tattoos at Dollar General and i quickly ran by the Roses Store after work to look for cheap fake roses to make a quick flower crown. We had a few friends and family that stopped by to trick-or-treat ( I wish i had taken pictures!) I had an hour to very quickly try and get ready. With more time i could have did a better job applying the tattoos, notice a few of them are backwards! I ripped a bow off an old black head band and in under five minutes hot glued the roses to the headband and voila! instant flower crown! All night people kept complimenting my costume, people actually thought i had painted my face, i guess they were not looking close up! 

The Monster Concert was so fun! My favorite part was the silent movie with the scary organ music.

BOONE—What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the annual Halloween Monster Concert presented by the Hayes School of Music organ studio?
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The fun begins Friday, Oct. 31, at 8 p.m. in Broyhill Music Center’s Rosen Concert Hall. Admission is free, all are welcome and costumes are encouraged.
Featured will be Bach’s famous toccata in d minor with special audience participation, the singing of “pumpkin carols,” a silent movie with organ accompaniment, free candy, costume contests and more.
The concert will feature organ professor Joby Bell and organ students Zach Bowyer, Jamie Bryson, Andrew Byrd, Jake Hill, Caroline Kimrey, Rodney Ward, Shane Watson and Brandon Winbush.

After the concert we went down town to get something to drink and we chatted for a bit. Does anybody else like to people watch? I think that was my favorite part of the night just looking at everybody's costumes! It was fun!

Just as I pulled in the driveway at home the snow started. I woke up yesterday to our first snow of the year! 

A spooky video NOT from the concert but similar :)


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