No black Friday shopping for me

 I stayed home and filled out my Christmas cards.

I do not buy allot of Christmas gifts, but I do give Christmas cards each year.
I feel we get so wrapped up in stuff this time of year we forget the true meaning of Christmas.
 I try to hand write a little note and then add my "signature touch"
I make them "snow" by sprinkling mica flakes or little snow flakes using a paper punch.
I usually get a few grumbles about the mess but it does put a smile on peoples faces :)

 I am picky about my cards.
 The ladies from Tuesday Morning I am sure hate me now.
 I spent an hour digging through a giant table of cards trying to find two boxes I liked that matched.
I settled on the box on the left (in the picture above) for special friends and family and the box on the right for co-workers and acquaintances.
I still need to find one more box matching or not.

I wanted to buy a Christmas tree today.
I have a boycott on any kind of black Friday shopping.
I feel like people need to learn to be content with what they have and not go out and buy stuff they do not need just because it's on sale! crazy!

Tonight I stayed home and made homemade pizza for the missionaries from church.
Fresh pizza dough and mozzarella is divine!
We had left over pumpkin pie and fruit salad for desert.
My sweet Granny insisted she wash the dishes so I could chat with the Sisters for a bit.

My plans for tomorrow are to go out find us Christmas tree!

My little Mr. the Jack the Cat sticks by me all day everyday.

Loving my new red lipstick "Red Haute" by Lancome.
I am trying to get in the holiday spirit!

"The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely."-Louisa May Alcott


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