Simple and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Crafts

Since this year I am on an budget I decided to make a few simple and inexpensive decorations for Thanksgiving.
Marlette, my friend from church, was kind enough to let me clip as many hydrangea blooms as I wanted and the grape vine wreath I picked up at a discount store. To make I simply used floral wire to attach the dried hydrangea leaves and blooms. I thought it turned out quite pretty and the grape vine wreath was the only thing I had to purchase.  I could of used a few more blooms but I made do with what I had.

The fabric pumpkins were oh so simple to make! To make them cut circles out of fabric (I used an old white sheet  from my fabric stash) . For the stuffing I used a roll of toilet paper surrounded by quilt batting and for the smaller ones I just used the quilt batting.  Gather the fabric at the top with a rubber band leaving enough room to make a stem. Wrap twine (I found mine at the Dollar Tree) around and around until it resembles a stem and secure with hot glue. It's that simple!

My Mr. Jack the cat did not seem to want me to finish my pumpkins and laid down right in middle of the action. Spoiled boy!

North Carolina has turned very very cold! I braved the grocery store for ingredients to bake a cake and I am wishing I just might get to stay home tomorrow and have the first snow day of the season :o


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