Annual Evaluation

I had my annual evaluation at work yesterday.

When I got back to my desk I noticed my boss had written under the comments that I try to make our office a "home" environment! that made me smile!

I was a bit worried, because we had I guess you could say butted heads over some things back in the summer, but I was actually kind of shocked that his way of looking at it was I really cared for our "stake holders" and tried to help them too much. Yep another grin and huge relief!

The only low mark I received was handling stress. I have always had so much stress to deal with that I know I do not handle it well and I know that is something I need to work on.

I am so ready for a few days off next week!


  1. Oh Gee Tonya, can someone evaluate you about how you handle stress. How about he sends you to a seminar? He helps you find better coping skills? You know what....that said to you just p....... me off. I have been a supervisor and done plenty of annual assessments......and that is something that is just mean. Please don't publish this. I have to say...How dare Him!!!


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