Christmas 2014

Can I just say that yesterday was the worst Christmas I can remember. 

I curled my hair, put on my red lipstick, my I love Christmas apron, and put a smile on my face.

I made a coconut cake and baked a ham.

I tried, I really did.

My day turned out more like this :-(

Let's just say it was a stressful day at Granny's full of family tensions.

Then I made the mistake of going over to my Aunts house. 
Which I swore I wouldn't do.
After my Mom died I lived with my Aunt Wonda for awhile.
My Aunt Wonda did alot for me after my Mom died.
I just hate to think that she does not think that I appreciate her or the things she had done for me over the years.
So I went to her house.
I deliberately showed up late thinking I would get there towards the end.
I walked in right as the family was passing out the presents to each other.
I sat there alone, shoving sausage balls in my mouth, watching their family do there whole family Christmas thing.
It really is the worst feeling.
I couldn't help it, it was just all to much for the day.
I broke down and cried and cried

I think the best part of the whole day was when I got back home.
Just Granny, Me, and our Cats.

Granny has had this Christmas sweatshirt that her sister Boots made her ever since I can remember. 
Granny and her sweatshirt makes Christmas! Christmas!

Our Christmas selfie :-)

This one is just for laughs.
We tried to take a "family" picture.
Mr. Jack and Sasha were not having none of it.

There is always hope that next year will be better!


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