I went tree shopping today

 For some reason (we will blame it on Pinterest) I wanted a white Christmas tree this year.
A flocked tree would do, but I can't find any local source that sell them.
I tried to flock our own tree several years ago, it turned out disastrous, and the house smelled of chemicals for months.
I am on a budget and just can't afford to pay up to $300.00 for a decent white one.
I found a cheap one at Roses Discount Store for $36.00.
It looks cheap just like the $36.00 I paid for it, but it will do, and we can fix it up and fill in the holes.
Cheap white ones do not look so cheap to me as the fake green ones or maybe I am just trying to convince myself that!
Those types of issues make the most memorable things right?
I was still a bit sad about not having a real tree.
Ashe County is known for it's Christmas Trees. They ship them out of here by the tractor trailer loads.
 Several local trees have been sent to the white house over the years :)
Shopping for tree lights. at Lowes Hardware, I found the cutest little real tree for $15.00.
 I bought it and brought it home.
I decided we can have the white one in the living room and the little real one in the kitchen.

Shhh! don't tell our neighbor who is a Christmas tree farmer.
My little Mr. Jack the Cat loves to chew on fake tree branches so we will see how long she lasts ;)

The little real tree we can plant it outside after Christmas :) and I think it's super cute!

I still have so much to do.
I very naively thought getting my wisdom teeth removed would be no big deal.
I even made a list of things I wanted to do around the house while I was off from work.
I am still laughing at myself right now.
The only thing I managed to do on that list was buy our tree....4 days after the surgery.
Back to work for me tomorrow...boo!


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