Our Christmas Tree 2014

We finally were able to get our tree decorated :)
I still kind of wish that I had bought a real tree this year for the living room.
A real tree is just Christmas to me.
You only live once so it is nice to branch out (no pun intended!) every now an then.
At night the all white tree has the most beautiful glow!
Allot of our ornaments are much older than I am and have an "aged" appearance that just does not look pretty with the pure white tree.
I am still on the look out for a tree topper.
Granny has a vintage Angel from the 60's but it is to small and I have a vintage star but it has colored lights and a green cord and that did not not look so great either.
 The white and all of our vintage ornaments give it a retro look.
When I think of tree I think of keepsakes.
Our tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments.
We have my Mother's Hallmark ornaments, My vintage ornaments, A few that belonged to my Granny's sister Boots, My Great Grandmothers Keys, and mostly handmade ornaments.
The handmade ones will always be my favorite.

Tonight I made short bread cookies for our annual work Christmas party on Friday. 
For the recipe check out Jenny's blog Vintage Mommy. I have been a faithful reader of her blog for years. She has the oh so sweetest family!


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