Our Little Christmas Tree In the Kitchen

 I finally was able to drag out some more boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic today.
Christmas feels like a job this year :-(
I decorated the little tree I bought for the kitchen. 
The branches are so flimsy I didn't put lights on it.
 I used a silver and white theme and little cinnamon/applesauce ornaments  me and Granny have made over the years.
I found the little basket the tree is setting in at Goodwill.


My favorite ornaments this year are this little ballerina I found on clearance at K-Mart last year, and the beautiful star my boss bought me for Christmas one year.

I turn random things I want to remember into ornaments. Someone gave me this little print of a painting for Christmas one year. You can barely make out one of the many applesauce cinnamon ornaments me and Granny have made over the years.

I finally put up some Christmas lights! Maybe one year I will actually get to put them up all the way around the house. There is just never enough time to get everything I want to do done.

Look at the little kitty in the window :)

I found the sweetest little voice recording of Uncle Jim telling me about his wife, Mabel.
They were married for over 60 years! 
I think we knew when he visited us back in the summer it would probably be the last time. 
I am happy I thought to record our conversation that day.
We were sitting out in the front yard, he loved to sit out in the sunshine.
I think I may take my Christmas money and invest in a video camera so I can have a few memories of Granny on film.
 To be able to hear someones voice is so special after they are gone. 
When I was little he always came to visit us in the summer.
He would always take me with him in  the mornings to Hardee's to get gravy and biscuits for breakfast.
And he loved Gin, and always brought some with him for his little evening nip.
It's funny the little things you remember.


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