Plus Size Fashion Friday!

I am trying out something new! Plus Size Fashion Friday!

Cardigan Empire is a great site to help you find your specific body shape. Once you have discovered your body shape it makes it whole lot easier to shop for clothes that will look great on you. 

Clothes that make you feel beautiful will certainly increase your self confidence

 I find lots of inspiration from french fashion blogger Stephanie Zwicky.
 She has a quote on her blog Le blog de Big Beauty that I love

"Style is not a size, its an attitude"

First of all I love clothes, but I am certainly not claiming to be an expert or the most fashionable person, but I do know it can be hard to find plus size clothes that are beautiful, stylish, and affordable

It can be done!

Shabby Apple carries beautiful, retro inspired, modest clothing.
 I want a whole Shabby Apple wardrobe! their clothes are so me! 
 I have ordered a few things from them over the years, which i have loved!
Sadly, they only carry a few plus size options :(
I would probably be their biggest customer if they did carry all of their dresses in larger sizes ;)
They used to only carry dresses, skirts, fitness wear, shoes, and a few accessories. 
I have noticed they seem to have branched out and now carry swimwear, tops, jackets, and sweaters as well.
They do not carry pants and I think they may have phased out their Shabby Apple Fitness line that did have Yoga pants.
Another con is I have noticed if I do like a particular style that they carry in plus sizes, my size seems to always be sold out.
I have noticed some sizes will say 2X and others will say Women's Small, Medium, or Large.
Price wise for the average person could be a bit steep (well on my budget anyway).

Here are a few gorgeous dresses they do offer up to a size 2X.
 I want all them :) 
They have a few more but these are my particular favorites.

This one comes in a whole variety of different color options. This dress retails for $95.00

I love love this red dress and I believe this one has several other color options as well. This one retails for $87.00

This one is my favorite! I am feeling a bit of a 1940's vibe with this one and that color is gorgeous! This one retails for $96.00

This one retails for $95.00
I am a sucker for little details, I love the shoulders and the little belt on this one. This one comes in 3 different color options and retails for $76.00

This black one is another favorite and is on sale for $62.97, was $87.00!

Have a store or website you would like to share? please leave me a comment or email!



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