Small Stuff

Sometimes I think I lead such a boring life.
Blessed but boring.
Sometimes I think of posts and then I never finish them.
I think who cares about my boring life.
Writing and grammar were never my favorite subjects in school. 
But i do enjoy my little blog and need to do better at posting. 
Even the boring small stuff.
Sometimes the small things in life we tend to forget but as a whole make up the more meaningful parts of life.
It is fun going back through my archives and remember what I did on that particular day say two years ago.

Today I stayed home from work again .
I rested for most of the day.
After not being able to eat solid food for almost a week, I had the best Velveeta Mac and Cheese of my life.
Granny took down and washed all of the curtains this morning and I helped her put them back up this afternoon.
I got down most of the tubs of Christmas decorations from the attic.
I listened to my churches Christmas Devotional  (you can listen HERE)
We made a bit of progress trying to get the house decorated.
I am trying to not get in such a rush and just enjoy time with Granny and the Christmas season.
Mostly I stayed busy trying to keep my little Mr. Jack the Cat from using the tree as a giant chew toy! 

My little love! This is his who me? chew on the tree? look he gives me when I catch him near it.

Caught in the action!

Uggg! I really dread going back to work in the morning!


  1. Hi, I remember the wisdom tooth removal for myself and later, my daughter at 17. It is really tough to get over and healed. I hope that you are better. I understand the blog writing difficulties. I too have little to blog about...and then I think that I need to post fairly often. Sometimes I am having a really difficult time at home and don't want to share the bad stuff. Please take care and know that I read your blog.


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