The Land of Oz

Going through old pictures today I found these of a trip to the Land of Oz with my cousin Heather back in 2008.

The Land of Oz was a Wizard of Oz theme park up on Beech Mountain, North Carolina, from 1970-1980.
Most of the original park has long disappeared, but quite a bit of the park remains today.
 I bought an old yellow brick as a souvenir and the proceeds went to help keep the park up.
Since the 90's every first Weekend in October they open the park back up for Autumn at Oz.
My cousin Heather and I had a blast!
It was so sweet to see all the families that dressed up as the characters to visit.
We have pictures of my Aunt Carolyn taking Heather to the original park as a little girl :)
During the year Dorothy's House is available for rent! and the park is open to rent for private tours and parties.
We took a hayride up the Mountain to get the entrance. In the winter Beech is a Ski Resort , I thought it was pretty neat to get back down the mountain, quicker than waiting for the bus or hayride, we walked all the way down one of the ski slopes to get back to our car.

We had so much fun going as adults I thought I would share.

There were too many pictures! I tried to narrow it down to a few.

The views are breathtaking!

My Cousin Heather following the yellow brick road!


When the original park was operational there was a chair lift type balloon ride. I believe they told us the one above is the last one in existence.

This is Dorothy's house (sorry not a very good picture) you first go in and your in Dorothy's house and there is Auntie Em and then you go through another room that is the tornado and you come out in the same room but the house is all torn up by the tornado and when you come out of the house you find that the witch is dead!


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