Time Capsle

I re-discovered this little time capsule box that contains random tid bits of my life from about the 8th to 12th grades.

The box contains:
Cards (from allot of relatives that have now passed away, its very special to still have them)
Pay Stubs from my 1st Job
Sand it a bottle from a distant cousin that lived in Arizona
My first bank account records
A Nancy Drew book
Mementos from our 8th grade trip to the North Carolina Coast. (We live in the mountains about a 7-8 hour drive from the coast)
Post cards from places I have visited
My name badge from my first job
My name tag from my first day at college
A letter from an old boyfriend
A shot glass (!?) from Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Movie stubs
Restaurant Napkins (I had taken as souvenirs)
A little doll my other Granny (Granny"J") bought on the day I was born
A trinket box from Claire's Boutique (anybody remember Claires?)
A picture of my "dream man"! (quite cute actually!)
A picture of bedding set I loved I had cut out of a Victoria's Secret Catalog. (Even then I was thinking about my future home! ha ha)
There are a few sad memories in there too.

I loved the boots that came in this American Eagle box. They were an orange/tan leather motorcycle boots. I wore them up until about a year ago when they were finally in such bad shape I had to part with them.

I loved loved loved this bedding I had cut out of a Victoria's Secret catalog but I could never afford it at the time. I would still buy it today if it were available!

 Ha ha! This was my dream man as a teenager! I would still say quite cute actually!
 This was not the happiest times of my life, but it nice to look back. 
I have had a few good laughs!


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