Life here at the little house with Granny when I was a child was magical.
We spent many hours making crafts either at the kitchen table or outside on an old red pic-nic table.
I spent the other half of my time playing dress up or watching shows on Nickelodeon.
At night I would sleep in her room and we would always watch Nick at Night.
Granny would bring me my lunch in the living room on a tray and cut my sandwiches in half.
A nativity set and a clock my Grandpa had given her were the only two things that were ever off limits to play with.
Just now as I told her goodnight she gave me a hug, told me she loved me, and she hopped for me to have a good sleep :)
She was and is still the ideal Granny and I love her so!

These pictures are several years old but they capture her beautifully :)


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