My small town and shopping

I live in a really really small town.
We did not get a Wal-Mart until I was in the 9th grade and that is still about a 20 minute drive into West Jefferson.
Boone, Wilkeboro, or Bristol Tennessee are my next options and they are all an hour + drive.
Last night I needed a few items from Micheal's to work on some Valentine crafts I am planning so I headed over to Boone after work.
I used to work in Boone an although I do not miss the daily commute, I do miss being able to frequent my favorite thrift stores, Belk Department Store, Michael's, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning (In case you have not heard of Tuesday Morning it's similar to TJ Maxx. Sometimes I will talk about Tuesday Morning and people are like what?)
The problem is all of those stores are still smaller versions of what you find in a bigger city. 
But I figure if I can't find it in Boone, Wilkesboro, or Bristol then I don't need it!
Thankfully these days there is the beauty of online shopping.
Winston Salem, Charlotte, Hickory, or Johnson City Tennessee are the next options and they are well over a two hour drive.
Although, a Target in Boone would be really really really nice :) 
Target and Ikea are well worth the long drive every now and then!
In high school all I dreamed of was moving to the city.
I moved to Charlotte for college. 
I. Was. Miserable.
The city really was a bit of a culture shock.
I do not miss living there one bit.
They are getting ready to widen the main road in and out of our county from a two lane to a four lane. 
It will shorten the drive time to Boone and Wilkesboro.
Our little neck of the woods used to be called the lost province due to its remoteness.
With widening the road it will bring more people and more building.
Farming and Industries that we once had are now just about all gone and the locals that have lived here for generations are having to move because they can't afford to live here anymore.
Yesterday I saw a man with a lavender cashmere sweater pumping gas into his Porsche suv at my local gas station. 
He stuck out like a sore thumb.
All of our beautiful mountain land is now being bought up by developers and turned into fancy subdivisions for vacation homes that people might visit twice a year.
It makes me sad that families sell off the land that has been in their families for generations for a huge profit to developers.
I would rather have land and a smaller modest home than no land and big fancy houses and cars, but that is just my opinion :)

Anyway I will step off of my soap box and get back to my original story ;)
I had a nice little evening yesterday.
I went shopping in Boone after work.
I sampled the Chinese Buffet for dinner. Which is a treat now that I am not working over in Boone.
I hit up my favorite thrift stores and found a few little baskets and books to help get me through the rest of the winter.
Then I spent a good hour browsing Micheal's.
I always get sensory overload walking in the doors at Halloween and Valentines!
Not only are they my favorite holidays but i think it has something to do with being my all of my favorite colors.
None of the Valentines stuff was on sale yet so I had to restrain myself.
But, it gives me a good excuse to come back and shop at the end of the month :)
 I did end up buying some pink and red felt and different ribbons for some projects I am planning.
And those dollar bins by the check out line get me every time! 
This time it was cute little note cards and red and white butchers twine calling my name to come home with me!

I wanted it all!!! 

Pink and Red is probably my favorite color combination.


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