The little book shop

Today was such a wonderful day!
I went to get my haircut early this morning.
Afterwords it was still quite early so I set off on an adventure to find a used bookstore over in Sparta.
My friend Kaitlin had posted a picture of used books on her Instagram and I was intrigued!
I ask her where she found them and she said a little book store by the history museum in Sparta.
The little shop called Books 'N Friends was easy to find and I had fun driving around exploring the little town about an hour from my house.
All of the proceeds from the shop benefits the local library.
Sparta has some great thrift stores over there too!
There is just something so wonderful about a bookstore.
There is a mysterious quality to books, especially old books, it's fun to browse, pick them up, and read little excerpts, because you just never know what you may find.
I like to run my hands over them and try and imagine where they have been.
Books have always been my ticket to anywhere.
and I love old book smell :)
I loved how they even had the window decorated with Valentines books and magazines.
I could have spent all day reading in the little nook in the back.
Bookstores remind me of one of my very favorite movies You've Got Mail :)
This little store is the dream for any book lover.
I found 8 vintage Martha Stewart Magazines. They were 6 for a $1.00 or 0.25 cents each.
1930's editions of Sense and Sensibility and Vanity Fair for $4.00.
And a  new book called French Girl's Don't Get Fat ;)
I really wanted some of the old Children's books, but considering I have been buying books and vintage Martha Magazines like crazy the past few months I had to use much restraint!
Afterwords I went to Michael's because the Valentines stuff is finally on sale!
Granny wanted some Valentine's flags to put out on the fence and I found her two cute one's for half price $6.50 each :)
This evening I have been working on some Valentine's Day crafts I will try to post about tomorrow :)

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but.....
I am such romantic dreamer at heart.
I have this dream I will meet the man of my dreams at bookstore, museum, the library, antique store, or coffee catch my drift!
Anyway today I am browsing the the $4.00 table and the man of my dreams walks in carrying a giant box of books, our eyes meet, he looks at me kind of stunned, he says "Oh! Hello!" I reply "Oh! Hello!"  and then we just kind of went on with our business.
It was magical.......and in the exact perfect spot.
I know this is the hopeless romantic dreamer in myself, but would't it be neat if we just happen to meet again someday? 
Ok...I have seen You've Got Mail entirely too many times at this point :)

My purchases which pretty much sums me up!

The book is a 1930's reprint of the original 1806 :)
Thanks you Chelsea for my hair trim this morning.
 My spit ends were getting pretty bad!

Red and Pink makes me Happy Happy Happy!


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