The Old Lunch Counter

Yesterday my co-worker said she was going to do the restaurant inspection for the lunch counter in People's Drugstore.
I got excited!
I told her as a child I used to beg my Mom to take me there for lunch.
It's an actual vintage lunch counter :)
I would always get a tuna sandwich, french fries, and Dr. Pepper to drink.
I have always had a fascination with anything from an earlier decade and I was memorized by this lunch counter as kid.
What would make it an even better day was if my Mom would take me to the antique store that used to be on main street or the library afterwards.
I did not get many fun outings as a child so a day like that was simply magical for me.
Melanie texted me around lunch that if I wanted to come over there she would type of the inspection on her computer while I ate.
It was just as magical as I can remember, just as busy too, and my tuna sandwich and Dr. Pepper was just as I remembered them to be.
Honestly, I don't remember why I don't go by there more often.

The only thing that has changed is they have at some point replaced the counter tops.


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