Dreaming again........

A few months ago I posted about a vintage pair of 1940's shoes I loved!

I have been on the lookout for a new similar pair.

I found a company called RE-MIX Classic Vintage Footwear that makes them :)

I'm dying over these two pairs right now!

Only I need a second job to afford them ;)

My Granny was married in a pair of green alligator heels :) 

I wish they also made matching purses because my Granny had a matching purse to go with her heels :)

Most all of their style come in a variety of color to choose from too.

I have been snowed in for nearly a week.

Let's say I have had allot of time to clean the house and dream about 1940's shoes!

It has been so cold my little Mr. Jack pretty much refuses to budge from this spot by the heater!

The snow was great for a few days..........please go away now!

Have you seen the Hallmark movie The Magic of Ordinary Days?

If you haven't you should!

Even though I have seen it a hundred times I have probably watched it about 50 more times this week!

Why can't I find a man like Ray to marry?

Dreaming again!


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