We Care (I need advice)

 I don't know if it's the bad weather 

or the low carb diet the Doctor put me on

but, I have been feeling totally depressed the past few weeks :(

There was one bright spot I have been looking forward to.

There were seven special edition Martha Stewart Living Magazines that were dedicated to babies.

I found deals for six of the issues on ebay.

I have been so excited to get them!

All three packages (from 3 different sellers) were damaged by the time I received them.

I might can understand one package, but all three, have all had enough damage that the magazines have been badly damaged by the time they made it to our house.

The last package yesterday was even missing a magazine.

I called the local Post Office to complain.

There excuse was the sellers need to package them better.

The sellers are saying it's the post offices fault and do not want to issue me even a partial refund.

Has anyone had a problem like this before?

What do you do in the situation? 

I know it's just magazines (I have $40.00 in them) but they mean something to me.


  1. I have trouble with the winter months, and I have found that taking Vitamin D helps so much at 4000 mg. The packaging from the post office is very torn up, my opinion is that the post office is the culprit. I once received only a catalog cover, that was pretty crazy.


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