I think Mom would approve.....

I have been missing my Mom alot lately.
July will make 11 years since she past away, it still feels like yesterday.
This past year seems to have been the hardest year so far.
I have always loved anything old.
There is an old house in Jefferson, near the old court house (now the Ashe History Museum)  that I have always loved since I can remember.
The old house has really deteriorated the past decade from neglect.
Every morning when I pass buy it I think I hope somebody will buy the house and fix it up before it deteriorates to the point of having to be torn down.
Yesterday I read that someone had purchased the house! and submitted plans to the county start repairs!
I am so happy! I hate to see yet another old house torn down.
I posted the article to my Facebook page.
An old friend of my Mom commented that she remembered my Mom telling her how much I loved the old house.
It made me ache for Mom.
She knew things about me that nobody else does, she knew all the things I love.
Nobody knows you like your Mom does.
I really don't have words to describe just how much I miss her.
Not a day goes by that I do not think of her at some point in the day.
Some days I will take my book and read at the coffee house because that is something we did together.
I also love to browse about in her favorite book store correctly named Browse About Used Books.

I think she would be happy to know that my younger cousin Cory and his girlfriend and expecting a baby boy.
I feel old because I remember when Cory was born!
As kids we used to play house together!
I had so much fun shopping in Belk for baby gifts.
I am sure that is where my Mom would of shopped for a nice shower gift too.
I always try and pick the softest fabrics I can find for babies, in soft colors.
I just can't stand to see little babies in jeans, because I just know that can't be comfortable.
I settled on several gowns, a sleeper, one outfit, and a sweet little lamb toy/rattle, and a set of Aveeno baby products.
I think my Mom would have approved.

My Mom had talent for wrapping gifts.
Mine are not quite as good as hers, but my love to wrap gifts is something I got from my Momma.
I can't make it the shower on Saturday, so I went ahead and dropped off this gifts tonight.
It made me smile when my family complimented me on my wrapping and said it reminded them of my 
Mom :)


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