My new clothes....

I have this co-worker who is a feminist hippie from New York State. The kind who has not shaved her legs since the beginning of time and thinks her refusal to not use trash bag liners is going to save the world.

Since I have been in the throes of fatigue and fibro fog the past year (well it’s gotten worse this past year) every morning I look at the clock and say @#$% it’s 10 after 7:00! As I jump out of my comfy, warm bed.

I usually arrive at work with just enough time to blow-dry my hair, slap on some foundation, and a quick swipe of, some brightly colored, lipstick from my abundant collection (my boss jokes that we have a beauty salon located in our office).  As I step out of the bathroom each morning this co-worker looks at me with complete bewilderment and utter disgust. 

What would really give me great satisfaction is to chase her down with my bright pink, polka dotted, Tweezer Man tweezers, and pluck her uni-brow! That’s mean of me isn't it?

I think she really does have a big heart; therefore I will be nice and cut her some slack. She does feed the homeless once a month and buys me bananas when she finds a sweet deal on them at the grocery store.

It’s like walking on egg shells around our office because you just never know when you will crack that shell, but it has happened to all of us at one time or another.

Crunch........This week happened to be my turn, again!

Well ya know it is spring time. The time of year most of us switch out our fall/winter wardrobe for our spring/summer.

Admittedly I did buy myself a sassy new Easter Dress and a new gorgeous embroidered peasant top that I just couldn't resist at Belk.

And miraculously, thanks to the wonders of prescription drugs, my fibromyalgia fog is starting to subside! 

I have actually felt like getting up and ironing my clothes!! Not just throwing on the quickest thing I can find that does not need to be ironed. This has caused an abundance of clothes to come forth in my closest that I would not normally of chosen.

This new rotation of clothing has just bewildered my co-worker. Apparently I do that to her allot.

We are quietly working away at our desks, listening to some 80’s song playing on 98.7 Simon, when I could tell she was rather upset and stewing on something over in her little corner of our used to be garage turned office area.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she demands to know “WHY ARE YOU WEARING ALL OF THESE NEW CLOTHES LATELY???”

Apparently she is just as bewildered by my wardrobe as I am her uni-brow!

I wish I could afford a whole new wardrobe, wouldn't that be fun? I tried to explain the whole concept as to why one would need a fall/winter, spring/summer wardrobe. The whole concept is just unfathomable to her!

Us Southerners we are not so blunt. Blunt=rude. We beat around the bush. Even though I may think the things I just typed, I would never actually say them to her face. That would be rude! 

I said what any nice southern girl would say " well bless your heart!" No. Really I didn't say that, but I did buy her a southern filet biscuit from Bojangles for breakfast, because well that's the nice thing to do.

Now excuse me while I go get my "new" clothes out of the dryer.

I have photo evidence that I have had this sweater for at least 4 years. I give you a picture taken last fall and one taken on my baptism day August 17, 2011!


  1. Hum....interesting! She has issues. I am speechless. When I was still working (now retired), I worked with mainly men in the office. They wouldn't notice anything. The one thing that would bother me was that people would wear very worn out clothing...and I would think (but never say anything) that they earned a decent living, and could afford clothing. Some of my women friends would diet and lose 30-50 lbs, but would never wear smaller, well fitting clothes. They would complain to me that noone noticed.....and I would say "get yourself some smaller clothes so we could tell that they were a smaller size".


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