Visions of Halloween Parties

Sigh…I told myself I was to do NO MORE unnecessary shopping.
I told myself DO NOT go in that thrift store.
But alas I did go in………….
What did I find?
Black depression glass pieces!
Visions of Halloween parties started dancing in my head.

Years ago when Gooseberry Patch had their now defunct mail order catalog, I always admired black pedestal cake stands in their Halloween/Fall catalog.
Like THIS one.
I wanted them so bad, but I could never afford them.
Now I have an excuse to see if I can find a set :)
Maybe ebay?
I might see what other pieces I can find at the big annual flea market in Hillsville, Virginia, coming up next month. 

Also, I have found another source for my beloved Martha Stewart Halloween party invitations!!
Oh! the little things that make me happy!
Is it October yet?
Wait! When October rolls around I will be 29 which is almost 30! That is a scary fright in itself!

Has anybody else found any great thrift store finds lately?

I am so grateful that tomorrow if Friday! It's been a loooooooong week!
At-least my internet is back thanks to my co-worker Jason finding me a sweet deal on a new wireless router, turns out it was the router all along....


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