Seattle Bound

I am so very excited that I have been given a wonderful opportunity to visit Seattle Washington next month!
It will be a short trip, but hello, it's Seattle!
I would like to thank my Cousin Jill for inviting me to come along with her on her work trip and Jason, her son-in-law, who is also my co-worker, for letting me use his flyer miles to get me a plane ticket on a pretty short notice.
We will be flying on a Monday and leaving on a Friday, but I will still have 3 short days to pack in as much as I can.
My good friend Cindy moved from Boone back to Seattle last year,  I have missed her so much and just can't wait to see her!  I will have my very own tour guide :)
Jill and I will have to fly on different flights and separate times. I am a bit apprehensive just because I have never flown before. Granny is freaking out about me going on the trip and especially after she learned we will have to take separate flights.
For those of  you who have been to Seattle, please comment and tell me what all I should see and do on my short trip?
I am so excited! I don't think I have stopped smiling all day!


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