A Happy Saturday :)

Today my friend Donna and I walked around West Jefferson and explored several new interesting little shops that have opened recently.

I didn't have any nickels to buy anything as Granny would say but it was just fun to look around.

Donna and I  have been friends since I was 15,  it has always seemed as if we have known each other forever :)

She is such a special friend!

After window shopping we stopped for ice cream and small talk.

Then we headed over to the movie theater to watch the new Jurassic Park movie.

This has been such a wonderful weekend so far :)

How cute is this chicken coop?

Honey Bee's

It came a torrential down pour this afternoon! We waited out the rain in The Honey Hole.

My friend Donna

The Art of Oil store was awesome! They sell all different types of olive oil, vinegar's, and spices. You can sample each variety before you buy too which is great. 

This was a favorite.

Another favorite.

I liked this store too, kind of a cross between a curiosity shop and an old apothecary shop. They had great perfumes, soaps, and shaving supplies.

I just loved this violet perfume.

I thought the old ceiling tiles were beautiful.

We stopped for ice cream at The Mean Bean located in The Old Hotel building.

Such a lovely day!

Main Street

The Movie Theater


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