Edmonds Washington

Finally the last of my Washington trip pictures!

On the last day my friend Cindy picked me up early in the morning to show me around her hometown of Edmonds Washington.

We stopped at the beach and  I was able to look for shells and put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.
I was totally fascinated at the difference in the beaches from Washington to our beaches in North Carolina, definitely more pebbles and less sand than ours. 

We drove to her parents house and I was able to meet her Mom and get to see her parent's gorgeous garden and all of her Dad's orchids and greenhouse I have heard so much about.

Edmonds is the cutest little town by the sea, I just loved it!

We stopped for Coffee at Starbucks and walked around town, popping in and out of the most darling shops! 

Edmonds is where Bountiful Home & Nursery is located (The shop from Yesterday's post)

We stopped for lunch at a cute little restaurant named Chanterelle and I had one of the best meals I have ever tasted. We both ordered a patty melt on french bread with fresh crab and a cesar side salad and dark chocolate mocha cake for desert.

After lunch, we spent several more hours at the beach catching up with each and looking for more shells for me to bring home.

By far it was one of the best days I can ever remember! 

Cindy is one of my best, nearest, dearest friends!
We became fast friends the first day we met, her first day of work at the health department.
Later in the day when she dropped me off at the MOHI Museum we both cried and cried when I had to get out of the car!

In the evening me and my cousin Jill took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island.
All the shops were closed by the time we made it over.
The ferry ride was completely worth it!
On the way back towards the mainland Seattle we had the most gorgeous views of Seattle and Mt. Rainier.
Mt. Rainier was hidden by the clouds all week so it such a treat to see the mighty, majestic, snow covered mountain!
We had an even better view of Mt. Rainier on our way to the airport the next morning.

I really hope to be able to visit again next year and get to stay for longer.
If it were not for my sweet Granny I would probably pick up and move out there.
Washington just felt like home :)

Granny and I watch Rick Steves travel shown on Saturday mornings. Apparently he is from Edmonds and Cindy's Mom took piano lessons from him! I popped into his shop in Edmonds just to say I had been there.


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