Kayak trip with my Co-Workers.

I am so blessed that I have some really great co-workers that are some of my closest friends.

Yesterday was our annual employee appreciation day picnic
Five of got together and went kayaking on the New River out in Todd before the picnic.

A relaxing day full of laughter and fun was had by all!

It has been a few years since I have been and I seemed to have forgotten how to use my paddles! 

I had a small run in with a thorn bush and turned my kayak over once  when I was trying to get turned around when I was stuck on a rock sideways.

The girls were telling everybody at the picnic I got baptized!

We ended up being way late for the picnic!

Melanie, Me, Laurie, and Lisa

Melanie, Lisa, Connie, Laurie, and Me


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