Seattle Waterfront and Pike Place Market

 I have been back from my trip to Seattle for a week now.
It already feels like forever ago :(
My trip was magical!
I just loved the whole area! I can't wait to go back again!
I have received several comments that Seattle might be my "happy place" and I think they might just be right :)

I tagged along with my Cousin Jill on a work conference.
I would ride with her each morning to her conference center that is on the waterfront in Seattle.
I enjoyed my morning walks from the conference center towards Pike Place Market.
I would stop and get a coffee at Starbucks and stroll through Pike Place for breakfast (usually doughnuts :) ) 

Each morning I would get Coffee at Starbucks and then stroll through Pike Place Market.

Not a very good picture, but to the Left is the Starbucks I would get Coffee from each morning. 

The view from Starbucks across the street to Pike Place Market.

Oh! the flowers! The flowers were my favorite part! and you could get big bunches of flowers for $10.00 at some of the market sellers. I wanted to take them all home with me! 


The view looking out of the window at Pike Place.

The 1st Starbucks location.

 Tomorrow's post I will post about my trip with my friend Cindy to Whidby Island!


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