My work-space

My office space at work is in an old garage.

I have blogged before I love to bring things from home to make my work-space my own.

I have started to transition from bright colors to  more neutral/natural looking colors and objects.

I brought in a few new things to change it up a bit.

I think it makes the space a bit more welcoming.

(Ignore the almost dead plant! I'm trying to nurse it back to health!)

Old books I found up in Granny's attic and a birds nest I found on the ground outside work.

My friend  Cindy gave me this gorgeous chair before she moved to Seattle. 
I just love it!

An apothecary jar from TJ Maxx filled with different seashells, sea glass, and rocks I found on the beach on my Seattle trip.

An old framed picture of Granny and Gramps :)


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