Today's Thrift Store Finds

We are still haveing internet issues and I have been super busy at work and play this summer :) I promise an update soon!

Anyway for now......

For as long as I have been collecting milk glass I have been searching for large, solid white, dinner plates. 

I stopped by one of my favorite little thrift stores on my lunch break. What did I find? Yes! 10 gorgeous plates for $18.00! I love them!

I also found this darling embroidered pillow case.
One of my goals for winter is to learn how to embroider/cross stitch.


  1. Hi. Your finds are terrific! I have had broken internet the last 12 days, the modem went bad and stopped working. It is a bummer, and I do most of my banking and bill paying online with my credit union! Read my post about the skunk. Take care!


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