Hallmark-A Family Tradition

My Mom loved shopping at the Hallmark store. 

Even the smell of the store reminds me of her.

She loved holidays and decorating-just like me!

Every time I am in the mall I always have to stop by the store and look at the ornaments. 

Every year I will pick out one Hallmark Christmas ornament to buy because that is something she always did.

The past several years I have also bought something from Hallmark for Halloween too.

I was browsing the Halloween stuff on Tuesday and I bought a glittery witch and an ornament for my Halloween feather tree :) 

My spin and an old tradition :)

My cousin, Caroline, told me yesterday she always does the same and picks out one Hallmark ornament each year too. Her and her Mom (my Mom's Sister Jenny) will always talk about how much my Mom would have loved it :) She said she told her husband the other day how great Mom was at decorating and wrapping packages and she remembered my Mom would always tie an ornament to the packages that would match the wrapping paper :) something I do too :) I got it from my Momma!

Do you have any traditions like this?


  1. I have some traditions that are the same. I get a new ornament or two yearly. I should stop, because I could decorate 2-3 trees. I start the fall decorating after Labor Day, get out the box and have some fun, I don't really do Halloween...just fall.


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