Saturday in Danbury

Last week was one entirely crappy week!

That's just life and we move on :)

Saturday turned out to be an amazing and blessed day :)

My sweet friend Kim invited me to her home town of Danbury, North Carolina.

We visited Hanging Rock State Park, went to the Stokes Stomp festival by the Dan River, shopping at Trader Joe's and dinner at Olive Garden.

I had such a great day I forgot to take very many pictures!

Danbury is just the cutest little town! 

I just loved all of the historical buildings dotted around the town.

I fell in love with this old cabin. I could't help but think the stories this place could tale if walls could talk.

My sweet friend Kim

The Stokes Stomp Festival

The old jail. Doesn't this place just look eerie? I thought it was appropriate for around this time of year. The old iron bars are still on quite a few of the windows.

I love to stop and look at old churches.

The Dan River was definitely very low and very muddy on Saturday.



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