I took last week off work and it rained ALL 9 of my days off.

Luckily the mountains did not get a lot of flooding like other parts of North Carolina and South Carolina.

I managed to get a bit of cleaning done, but the first few days I watched Harry Potter movies and snuggled with my cats :)

Thursday was my Birthday.

 I wanted to spend the day at Old Salem but since the rain I went shopping at the mall in Winston-Salem instead. 

I bought a new skirt and some new boots at Old Navy and I window shopped Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.

My favorite part was I went around to all the make-up counters and in Sephora trying on make-up and lipsticks :) several counters gave me free make-overs and free lipstick since it was my Birthday :) I did splurge a bit and bought just one new tube of lipstick in Sephora :)

Birthdays and Holidays are sad for me since my Mom passed away.

I was very blessed for my 29th Birthday this year.

Granny and my Aunt Edie bought me a cake and we celebrated on Friday.

Saturday several of my relatives had a small birthday dinner for me at Olive Garden and we went to the movies afterwards :)

I was honored and can't thank them enough for just acknowledging my Birthday and celebrating with me. 

I was totally shocked at all the gorgeous presents I received and there outpouring of love and kindness on my special day means so much to me.

I came in to work this morning to find beautiful flowers and a gift card to my favorite lunch place on my desk.

I really am a very blessed and lucky girl!

My gorgeous  Birthday flowers,

Just look at all the milk glass-they know me well :) 

Halloween napkins! Granny and Aunt Edie know me well too!

I snuggled with Sasha and Mr. Jack and watched all 8 of the Harry Potter movies.

Oh how I love my Mr. Jack the Cat :)


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