"Bat" Trees

I was asked to be a guest on activity night at church for the 8-11 year old age group.

My activity I had planned for them was "bat" trees.

Super easy and inexpensive to make.

I had plenty of extra milk glass vases at home to bring.

The kids were so excited they were able to pick out their own vase :)

I picked up branches from the side yard at work.

The "bats" are just plain black ribbon tied in a knot on the branches.

We used puffy paint to dot on little eyes.

I just loved how the kids individual personalites came out in the project.

Some of the kids were asking what their treat was going to be for the night?

One of the kids replied "Sister Hartsog is our treat for tonight!"

My heart melted when she said that :)

October is my very favorite month!


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