In the dark

Oh my word was it ever an eventful weekend!

Saturday I had just finished dinner. I popped some butter in the microwave to soften it.

The microwave was not on two seconds and our power went out.

At first we thought maybe a limb had fallen on a power line since it was very windy.

We finished dinner and kept waiting.

 I called the electric company power outage line and a voice recording said our electricity would be restored by 8 p.m.

I walked into the bathroom and out of habit hit the light switch and what do you know the light came on.

We figured out we had power some places not others. 

We called and electrician and he said he thought the problem was with the electric company.

The electric company came out around 10 p.m. and said we can't find anything wrong on our end you have full power.

This was one of those moments I am glad I live with Granny to be able to be there for her in situations like this.

The last time our power was out Granny fell in the night, thankfully she was not hurt, but gave me quite the scare.

My Aunt and Uncle brought over a kerosene heater and and old rotary phone for us to use.

My sweet Granny gets agitated when things like this happen and she can't follow her daily routine.

All night she asked "What time is it?" "I am cold!"  "What time did you say the electrician is coming?" Times like this I realize that our roles are reversed and I am the caregiver now.

We are very grateful to the electrician who came out on a Sunday. 

The main breaker had to be replaced and the wiring from the outside meter box to the electrical panel inside had to be replaced.

We were without full power for over 24 hours.

Thank you Heavenly Father for tender mercies. We were just grateful that nothing caught on fire, electrical stuff scares me! Thankful the problem was not much worse and than thankful we had water and hot water and could shower and brush our teeth!

I have learned to just pray when you have a problem and God will provide help. I prayed and just felt a calm, and I just knew it would all work out.


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