The things you can find in Goodwill

Occasionally I browse Goodwill or the Salvation Army on my lunch break.

Most times I don’t find anything I fancy to bring home with me.

I love the days I do find something that makes my heart race and must come home with me to the little house.

Yesterday on my way out of Goodwill I just happened to look down to the bottom shelf of a display case.

My heart be still!

There on the bottom shelf laid four of the most beautiful old baby gowns and an old baby bonnet.

I am pretty sure at least three of gowns were handmaid.

I know old stuff is not for everybody, but I still can’t stand to see family heirlooms end up in Goodwill.

Sometimes the items that have the least value can be the biggest treasures-in my opinion anyway.

All four gowns and the baby bonnet came home with me to the little house last night :)

The cashier told me she was glad they went to someone would appreciate them.

I have contemplated selling the items I have collected over the years for my baby stash box.

I may end up selling these, not quite sure yet.

I seem to keep holding on to the last shreds of my dream of hopefully one day having a nursery to use the baby stash box items to decorate a nursery.

I like to think sometimes, the items in my baby stash box, like the baby gowns, could have been someone else’s dream, and now my rescuing the gowns is now my dream to continue.

I could not help but wonder who was the baby who wore these darling baby clothes?

Does anybody else out there have a similar reaction when you find vintage items you can’t leave the store without rescuing them?

Here is two of the gowns and I will try and post the other two and the baby bonnet tomorrow :)


  1. I agree with you about finding family heirlooms at a thrift store. When I see a bunch of family photos I also wonder why no one in the family kept them. I know that there are times when a person dies, and there are no immediate family. I have a personal situation that comes to mind. My great grandfather's 1st wife died and no one claimed her ashes. I am attempting to get them from the state so that I can spread them. It has been about 75 years since she died.


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