Adventures of Kim and Tonya

My sweet friend Kim's last day at work was Friday :(

I will miss this lady so much!

Just like with my friend Cindy we became fast friends the first day she was in the office.

We had so many fun adventures together this past year and those adventures will be continued :)

"That looks fun! Do you want to go?" was frequently said this past year. From The Highland Games to Knitting lessons, and regular Mexican lunch dates, we stayed busy :)

We are even trying to plan a trip to Europe in the near future :)

Kim and her husband Thomas were supposed to move up to the mountains when she accepted her job with the health department. Thomas unexpectedly past away shortly after Kim started work. She decided to move back to her home town where her and Thomas lived, and where her biggest circle of friends, love, and support are. 

Kim is a one of a kind, sweet person, with a wonderful since of humor, and a kind, caring, giving soul.

I am happy that she will be happier now but there is a huge void at work as Kim cold never be replaced in my book.

Our adventures to be continued :)

Left to Right: Kim, Me, Melanie, and Ruth

I am so blessed to also be able to call my co-workers some of my closest friends :)


  1. I have had some very sad times over the loss of a close friend...and I only mean that they have moved across the country. A deep wish that I could see them often as I once had. I hope that you can keep the connection with your friend.


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