Grandfather Highland Games 2015

My friend Kim started reading the Outlander book series back in early spring.

I borrowed the first book from her and then I was hooked!

Grandfather Mountain has been hosting Highland Games for over 60 years.

"Considered one of the best Highland Games in the Country"

Since our minds were on anything Scottish after reading Outlander we decided to go to the games this year.

This post is way overdue because the games were back in July.

We had so much fun!

Although I ended up with sun poisoning, even after re-applying sunblock all day long :(

It was hard to get to see and do everything so next year we are planning to camp up on the mountain.

Finding Clan Mackenzie and Clan Fraser and all of the Outlander references were awesome!

I tried to find my last name or any of my ancestor surnames on any of the clan tents. The only one I could find was my Mothers's surname Johnson. I'm not sure if I actually have any Scottish lineage or not I need to continue on with my genealogy to find out!

Warning this is a picture laden post!

The entrance gate up on the mountain.

The wrestling champions. My friend Kim said the $30.00 admission fee was worth watching the wrestling champion alone!

Dancers from all over the world and Scotland participated in the dance championships.

Bag pipes and kilts were everywhere!

We found clan Fraser

And Clan Mackenzie!

Our friend Connie at her families camp site.

Outlander references and Jamie Fraser were everywhere :) 

You have to park down the mountain and take a bus shuttle up and back down. The line to get back down the mountain was no joke a mile long.

Shepherding and across the field is all of the Clan tents.

I spent quite a bit of time in the cultural tent learning about Scottish history. I enjoyed this more than the games themselves.

"Fly Pigs" are an old Appalachian tradition and considered an early moving toy. A hole is in the bottom  to put an actual fly in and then the pig legs, ears, and tail "move". This group was having a competition to see who's fly pig moved the most.

My sweet friend Kim

Connie's relative who made the fly pigs, also made this awesome gypsy wagon by hand.

Another little trailer in the camp section I just loved :)


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