Thanksgiving 2015

I hope everybody had very Happy Thanksgiving!

Did anybody get to watch the series about Thanksgiving that came on the History Channel? I was bummed I missed it.

Thanksgiving 2015 was not the most memorable one.

It has been busy at work and I was having a fibromyalgia flair up.

I was not able to get out any Thanksgiving decorations :(

My Dad is getting divorced and is supposed to be moving in with us soon : O

My sweet Granny is almost 94 and her children still expect her to cook for them.

I usually help her with the turkey and desserts and such.

Granny started cooking on the Sunday before Thanksgiving just to make sure she got it all done. 

Plus she was preparing for Dad's supposed move which thankfully did not happen.....yet anyway.

Since, I was at work during the day she did not end up needing my help this year.

I went to eat with my Mother's family this year, because they asked if I would come.

My Mom's family meet at the local community center which is the library of my old elementary school.

I was standing by the heater because it was so cold in the building.

Apparently I was too close to the heater and caught my new favorite sweater (in the below picture) ON FIRE!

Luckily all the damage was to the sweater only!

And then I got back home to Granny's and there was NO dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate pie, or Dr. Pepper left to eat. All of my favorites were gone! (insert crying face imogi here!)

Spending time with family and counting your blessing is what Thanksgiving is all about anyway.

I am a very blessed and lucky girl :)

If I have not mentioned it before I am so lucky to call my Granny Mine.

When I got home from work on Wednesday she had made me her dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy :) 

Oh how I love her!

Terrible picture of me, but this was my sweater that got toasted!


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