Two Christmas Parties

Saturday was quite the busy day.

I had to get up early and make a cherry breakfast swirl for our church ward Christmas brunch.

The brunch was wonderful! The sweet primary children performed the nativity and sang sweet songs, a member read Luke 2, and the congregation sang several Christmas Carols afterwards.

 I think everything about Christmas is just beautiful!

On Friday night I made 50 cupcakes for my Aunt Edie's church Christmas party. I had to rush home and prepare the icing and decorate the cupcakes to deliver by 5:30.

My Aunt's church held their Christmas party at the beautiful Ashe Arts Council building. The whole building was decorated beautifully and they always have different trees decorated, sponsored by different local businesses and organizations. 

No surprise my favorite tree was the one decorated in all vintage decorations and beneath the tree was all vintage toys! I just loved it. I have a soft spot for vintage shiny bright ornaments :)

My Aunt's church had a wonderful meal catered by the local BBQ place. After the meal they had lots of fun games and prizes. As always it's nice to spend time with my sweet Aunt!

I think I was partied out! I overslept and missed church on Sunday.

In other news, we are way behind this year. I put our tree up, then we had the carpet cleaned last week, I had to take the tree down and have yet to put it back up yet........hopefully tomorrow!

Photo by Varsha Tharpa

The sweet primary children from church after performing the Nativity.

My cupcakes I made.

This sweet cat Zenita that lives at the Arts Council and cared for by the staff. She is a doll!

My favorite tree! Just look at all of those Shiny Brights!

I need to find a tree topper like this one for my vintage themed tree.

I think i need the garland too!

My sweet Aunt Edie.


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