• Granny had a half sister named Edith. 

  • I love to hear Granny tell stories about her. 

  • She would save up sugar rations to make homemade pies.

  • She wore flapper dresses in the 20's and would pin handkerchiefs around her "top half" to make her look more flat chested as was the look in the 1920's. 

  • Granny said Edith never wanted to become a house wife and moved to Richmond Virginia and became hair dresser at Miller and Rhodes department store. 

  • Edith was the hairdresser for the Governors wife! 

  • I love to hear stories about a particular suitor who wanted to marry Edith, he would bring her chocolates and flowers, but that's not what she wanted and she never married.

  • As a kid I always thought (and still do) that she was so glamorous.

  • She would send Granny on errands to the pharmacy to buy makeup for her :)

  • Edith was quite a bit older than Granny and Granny would play dress up in her clothes and dresses.

  • Can you imagine my Granny as a child playing dress up in 1920's and early 1930's clothes! Eeek! the thought of that makes me happy!

  • Sadly she passed away in the mid 1940's from lung cancer.

  • Granny traveled by bus alone to Richmond to help care for Edith until she passed away. 

  • Edith lived at a boarding house. I love to hear stories about the others living at the boarding house like a FBI agent and the kindness she received from everybody there .

Granny is from a small coal mining town in West Virginia. I can only imagine how scary and exciting the time she spent in Richmond was for her.
  •  My Aunt Edith (we call her Edie) is named in her honor.

This picture would have been taken sometime in the 1930's I believe.
She was so glamorous! Look at those victory rolls!

This picture would have been taken during WWII a few years before she passed away.

This picture is of Granny's brother James (Jim), Edith, and Hezekiah (they called Buck). Taken in front of their family home in West Virginia. Notice the snow on the fence :)


  1. I so enjoyed this tonight, my friend!
    What a beautiful lady!
    I love hearing stories and imagining how people lived...
    Thank you for sharing. : )


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