Snow, Snow, and More Snow......

It snowed several inches on Wednesday and took me forever to make it home.

At one point I knew I could not make it down a hill so I pulled over until the scraper/salt truck went bye to clear the road a bit.

Living in the mountains this time of year I regret the decision to buy my little Toyota Yaris instead of a four wheel drive vehicle.

I was very relieved to receive the call this morning that work was cancelled for the day which I was pretty much anticipating anyway.

Last night in the reprieve I went to the grocery store to stock up on food and few extra's; a french decorating magazine and book found there way into my cart :)

A good excuse as I need something to do while cooped up inside!

I also watched Sense and Sensibility (oh that Colonel Brandon!)

Listened to the local classical music radio station while reading.

Watched The Glamorous Housewife video's on youtube.

Made Orange Chicken and Rice for dinner (Chinese/Japanese food is Granny's favorite)

We have over 10 inches of snow so far and its sill snowing and is suppose to keep snowing all through the night and into tomorrow morning!

Everyone please stay inside and off the roads if at all possible! I have seen one vehicle go by all day.

I am just praying our power does not go out.

This was our front yard when I made it home from work on Wednesday. It was a miracle I made it up our driveway, she is a beast in the winter!

What I woke up to earlier today!


  1. Oh my friend...
    Stay safe and warm and cozy!!!!
    And did I tell you that my Peyton loves to cook Asian food?!
    Maybe we could exchange favorite recipes!
    Have a cozy day.


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