The day I moved into my dorm room....

Throwing it back to 2004 and the day I moved into my dorm room.

If you have read my blog for awhile you know my affinity for Martha Stewart and the products she sells.

I was browsing Ebay for old Martha by Mail catalogs (sadly Martha by Mail aka The Catalog for Living has been defunct for quite a while now, insert crying face imogi here) anyway I saw a quilt from the Martha Stewart Everday Line that was at K-Mart and it reminded me of the day I moved into my dorm room at college.

I have mentioned before one of my favorite high school classes was interior design. So even way back then I paid attention to decorating styles and home goods.

Knowing my affinity for everything Martha I shopped for my dorm/college supplies from the Everyday line at K-Mart.

I picked out the most gorgeous floral quilt bedspread, a white dust ruffle, two sets of sheets, one a lavender and the other white with eyelet trim.....and decorative pillows!! Even my trash basket was a white wicker basket to match.

The day arrives to move in. I had never met or spoken to my new roommate. We get there and her family had already moved her in and set up her side of the room. Everything she owned was green and camo! no joke! Here I am moving in with my pretty pastel floral bedspread and eyelet sheets, and my Aunt was telling her family "Tonya does not cuss or smoke" her and all her family get wide eyed, turns out they all chain smoked and cussed like sailors!

We did have the same clothes hangers. Mine were pink and hers were green.

Luckily, our programs at King's College were only 18 months long. I trained to be an Office Assistant and she trained to be a Medical Assistant. She wore scrubs to class everyday and I had to wear business attire, including panty hose. How we dressed professionally was 10% of our grades. 

I didn't find it funny at the time, but now I think it's hilarious! Her closet full of green camo and scrubs and my closet of pink and pretty business clothes I carefully picked out from Anne Taylor and Victoria's Secret. I even had a pale pink suit from Victoria's Secret.

Maybe it's because my Mother had died only the month before, I wish I had taken more time to relax and enjoy the time I spent at King's before I had to enter the real world.

A quilt from the Martha Stewart line at Macy's I have my eye on.


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