A Special Visit From Uncle Charlie

Granny came from a large family of 11 children.

Of the 11 children, only 3 are still living.

I have never seen a closer sibling family relationship than Granny's.

One of the saddest things has been the siblings passing away one by one over the years. 

Each one has been so hard for Granny. Especially when her two sisters, Nida and Boots, died exactly 6 months apart. After my Grandpa passed away I can remember them mailing Granny anything they thought she might need on a regular basis, from clothes to food, even powdered milk! Even though they all lived in different areas of the south they frequently talked several times a week if not everyday.

Her youngest brother Charlie, his wife, daughter and Grand kids came down from West Virginia for a visit on Tuesday.

It was a special visit as Charlie is in the early stages of alzheimer's disease. And its's only been a year since Uncle Jim passed :(

I was so happy Granny was able to spend some time with him. She worry's about him so much. I will have to tell you Charlie stories sometime!

In the spring we are planning a trip to visit them and Granny's home town and her other brother George who lives in South Carolina :)

I have posted about Boots HERE and HERE and Jim HERE and HERE  and recently about her sister Edith HERE  in previous posts.

I hope everyone has a very blessed and happy Saturday!

Charlie, Granny, Keean, and Kanzi

Charlie, Granny, Sandra, Christine, and Kanzi


  1. Visits from loved ones are always happy days. : )
    So glad it was a good visit.
    Have a good Sunday, my friend!


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